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How To Serve A Million People And Change Your City: Expert Interview with Nelson Searcy (SNEAK PEEK)

Nelson Searcy started his church in the New York City area on Easter of 2002. Nelson tried a number of different approaches for reaching people that he had relied upon in the past, but these did not work so well in the big city. However, when he and his church began servant evangelism they started seeing lives change in the Big Apple in big ways. Listen in as Nelson shares many practical insights into serving your city in a big way in this excerpt of a larger interview available at

About Nelson Searcy

Nelson Searcy is the founder and lead pastor of The Journey Church of the City, an innovative, multicultural church located in New York City. Founded in 2002, The Journey has grown to over 1,200 people in weekly attendance and more than 1,400 involved in weekly small groups during its first six years. A multi-site church with locations across the metro New York City, The Journey continues to grow and innovate and serve the people of NYC. Nelson’s resources can be found at Church Leader Insights.

How To Launch SE In Your Church In 6 Months Teleconference

TODAY we have a super cool, practical teleconference on how to expertly launch your church into Servant Evangelism in 6 months. If you have found it challenging to incorporate an outward-focus in your church, feel stumped getting traction with Servant Evangelism, or are looking for a step-by-step guide (from planning your outreaches 6 months out, creating sermons to go along with the outward focused mentality you are striving to instill in your congregations, or the set up, break down and wrap ups of all your serving events) then you DEFINITELY need to join us this TODAY, May 13th at 10:30 AM PST / 1:30 PM EST.

Charlie Wear, publisher of Next-Wave Ezine, will be our host, and this teleconference is free for anyone to attend! Either listen in online, or dial in on your phone…your choice! For the details on how to connect to this teleconference, go to this link:

Soon after this teleconference, we will be releasing a 6 month jumpstart course at on how to launch Servant Evangelism in your church, with step by step instructions, checklists, tracking worksheets, outreach templates, planning calendars, outreach prep talks, sermons, and more! This course will be available to all members of at no extra cost.

We are so excited about how this will be able to help so many churches that are trying to take SE to the next level. Whether you consider yourself a beginner, intermediate, or advanced practitioner of SE, this course will surely increase your effectiveness. Look for the first month of material (and more info about it) coming your way soon on

As always, we are constantly interested in hearing how we can best serve you, so please do not hesitate to contact us with your feedback.

I look forward to connecting with you soon!

P.S. For this Thursday’s teleconference, we have 250 phone lines available, and 2000 spots online. Almost 10k people will be getting this email, so you if are truly interested in listening in, be sure to get on the call a few minutes before it starts!

The E2 Evangelism Experience – Expert Interview with Dave Workman SNEAK PEEK

We join Pastor Dave Workman as he shares with us the power and excitement of “E2” – here we get into the notion that evangelism is an easy matter at some points but it is a complicated one on other counts. We need to come to see the notion of evangelism as something that can be learned from each time we go out to engage the community. God desires to specifically lead us along the lines of what we are up to in terms of getting a spiritual plan going.

Imagine you get with your team, you pray for specific guidance, then when you are able to discern the direction God is providing you can be led out in an especially effective way.

He illustrates this approach to sharing God’s love with lots of stories that convey the excitement we can get from being led by God’s Spirit.

Along with the message we come to share there is the question of how do we best convey that notion of God’s love. God has a lot to say about that. With E2 we are getting involved in an adventure that takes us out into the highways and byways of life – E2 shows us that we can relax and allow God to direct our paths as we get involved in the lives of others. We are going to learn a lot about how to hear from God in the context of the evangelism conveying of things. God can lead us to the right place, the right time, the right setting. He has much to say about that if we are listening. E2 is an approach to doing evangelism that allows us to hear of God’s plan to connect with people we are out there to love.

To see the full interview, head on over to

About Dave Workman

Dave Workman is senior pastor of Vineyard Community Church in Cincinnati, Ohio, a church of over 6,000 weekend attendees. Starting in 1985, the Vineyard pioneered a unique form of outreach called servant evangelism. Workman is considered an atmosphere architect in the evolution of the church. After leading worship for twelve years and developing celebration/programming teams for eight weekly celebrations, he began regularly teaching as a primary speaker. In 2000, Dave stepped into the role of senior pastor. He and his wife, Anita, live in Mason, Ohio, and have two grown children.

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Steve Sjogren
Lead Coach

Are You Excited As We Are?

We are so excited about all that is going on at ServeCoach we are nearly splitting into twins around here!

Great things are in the making with all that we are up to. By now you have hopefully had a chance to look around the site a bit and have become familiar with what we have designed for you. We are adding new aspects and features to the site each week as you can see.

For example, we just activated the Messages aspect to the site. You can now listen in on a number of the outward focused messages that have found their way into the galleys of our site. There you can study what messages given on a weekly basis can sound like when a leader is steering his church in an outward direction. I agree with Rick Warren when he says the commentaries of today are the weekend messages of other pastors. There is nothing like a rousing message given by a pastor in a live setting – you can hear how it “preached” – how it was received in a live setting with real live response not too long ago with a crowd that is not too different than yours.

If you are curious about the monthly Interviews With An Expert, we just posted the schedule for the next 3 months of interviews that I will be doing. I have to tell you, I cannot wait to talk to these leaders in ministry! I know that I will gain new insights and ideas when I talk with them, and I hope that you do as well when you watch the interviews.

We have also added our Weekly Tips section.  I recommend you share this feature to friends and associates you are connected with in ministry by encouraging them to sign up for the tips at the home page of ServeCoach. These tips are helpful at various levels in ministry and life in general. You will find them to be little “gifts” you might like to impart to those around you as you move forward in life and ministry at the speed of life.

We will be connecting the dots on these features and many others that are coming online with ServeCoach in the not too distant future.

I hope you are enjoying the life-giving nature of this as much as I am enjoying seeing the life of God flow through to you and others on the receiving end of things! God is on the move as people are outflowing the life of God.

Keep Walking in the Outflow!

Steve Sjogren
Lead Coach

You’ve got a second chance…

Wednesday afternoon at 4:00 PM Eastern time, we
launched… and things just
went nuts.

We had people signing up so fast that I thought
our Internet connection was going to melt.

Which means we sold out our first 50 memberships WAY
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HOWEVER, I have some good news for you. We did
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I know this isn’t quite the same thing as a one-on-one call…
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But remember, to get this bonus you have to act by
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To get more details, go here:

Keep walking in the outflow!

Steve Registration Is Open! is live and open for registration!

Head over to to try and snag one of those Fast-Mover Bonuses!

See you there!


Webcast Reminder

This is a REMINDER about the webcast… don’t miss it today.

At 3 PM Eastern / 12 PM Pacific, head over to I’m going to be covering some important last-minute details about If you have any questions, leave a comment on this post and I’ll try to answer them live.

I’ll talk to you then!


P.S. – If you have not watched the video overview of what offers, take 8 minutes to watch it now: Video Overview