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ServeCoach Video Walkthrough + Launch Updates

We just posted over at a video walkthrough of the new website that is going LIVE tomorrow, May 6th! This 8 minute video will show you exactly what you get with a membership. Head over there right now and watch this video:

LAUNCH UPDATE goes LIVE tomorrow at 4 PM Eastern / 1 PM Pacific. I’ll be sitting down with Lance Ford, from, to answer several last-minute questions and explain some important aspects of this training. Make sure you’re on this webcast with me tomorrow at 3PM Eastern / 12 PM Pacific! The webcast will be live at Immediately following the webcast, will go live.


Fast Mover Bonus #1 – First 50 Only

Ok, this is a biggie…

For the first 50 people who join, I will schedule a one-on-one strategy session where we can discuss your ideas and how you should proceed.

And if you don’t think we can get much accomplished in 30-minutes, think again!

Prior to our first call, you’ll fill out an information sheet where you’ll give me all the details about your ministry. (NOTE: You’ll find the mere act of filling out this info sheet to be valuable all by itself.) This way I’ll be able to prepare for our call ahead of time and fully maximize the time that we have.

Value: Priceless

Fast Mover Bonus #2 – First 500 Only

When we were cleaning out the vault we found my original presentation on servant evangelism on the church satellite network. Though the clothes and hairstyles of the audience will have you laughing, the content has never been needed more. It’s just as appropriate for you doing ministry in 2009, as it was fifteen years ago in 1994.

This 3 hour training seminar has been broken down into 6 lessons and includes PDF notes for you to download, print out, and fill out as you watch the videos.

Value: $99

OK, now you know about the bonuses being offered, so make sure you’re ready for the launch tomorrow at 4 PM Eastern / 1 PM Pacific!


P.S. – We have a large number of people on our list, visiting the blog, and leaving comments. All of this has come without much “publicity” – this is all from our own internal list.

I have no way of knowing how many people will register for, but I DO know that the first bonus will go very fast.

So if you want to grab one of those spots, then be ready tomorrow when we open.

44 Hours and Counting…

We are less than 2 days away from the launch of – so if you want to join me in this powerful, outward-focused coaching venture… then you MUST do two things:

1) Visit Wednesday at 3 PM Eastern / 12 PM Pacific for the LIVE broadcast that I will be doing with Lance Ford from I will be sharing more about and what it entails, as well as answering a few last-minute questions before we go LIVE at 4 PM. If you are interested in, then I highly recommend you bookmark the site, put the date and time in your calendar, and join us at 3 PM.

2) Sign up for the email update list, because I am going to send something you DEFINITELY are going to want to see. It’s also going to include bonus updates and launch information that’s important.

That’s all for now… keep walking in the outflow!


Steve Sjo

The Dino Rizzo Interview

***UPDATED with a smaller video file and audio download***

I had the opportunity to talk with Dino Rizzo recently and had a great conversation about servant evangelism, the Healing Place Church, and Dino’s new book Servolution. Have a look (our conversation lasts around 40 minutes or so):

Here is the audio of the interview if you’d like to listen to or download it (90 MB file):

dino rizzoAbout Dino Rizzo:

Dino and his wife DeLynn started Healing Place Church in 1993 with the single focus of being a healing place for a hurting world. Starting with just twelve, it has now grown to over 7,000 people gathering every weekend in 18 services in 11 locations from Baton Rouge, Louisiana to Maputo, Mozambique.

For two consecutive years, Healing Place Church has been listed as one of America’s Top 25 Most Innovative Churches. That innovative drive is expressed in a passion to serve the poor and hurting wherever they are, and with whatever it takes. Every week, hundreds of volunteers serve in outreaches, cooking hot breakfasts for the homeless, helping ex prisoners re-enter society, caring for AIDS orphans, giving roses to ladies working at local strip clubs, and reaching the poor through free medical and dental clinics.

Dino Rizzo also co-founded the Association of Related Churches, a group that on average plants one new church every 12 days. He is a strong believer in the irreplaceable value of the local church, in the USA and across the globe. He also believes that as believers we can do more when we are together, leveraging each other’s strengths to build the Kingdom. As a result, some of his greatest assets are deep relationships with others.

And there are no relationships that matter more to him than those he shares with his wife DeLynn and their three children.

Dino’s book Servolution is now available! Visit the Servolution website for more information.

Steve Sjo

How to Get Servant Evangelism Started In Your Church

Based on the hundreds of email responses I received, a large number of you are having difficulty getting servant evangelism going.  If you are wondering how to get servant evangelism started at your church, I think you will find this video very helpful:

I will be posting a few more videos this week, so stay tuned for my email updates about those.

Please leave a comment and let me know if you’ve found this helpful.

Keep walking in the outflow!


P.S. Look for the Dino Rizzo interview online tomorrow… it’s packed full of inspiration!

Steve Sjo

How to Motivate People to Do Outreach

I just finished shooting the video with my response to one of the top five outreach challenges people faced. Here it is:

Please go ahead and leave a comment below… tell me what you think of “How to Motivate People to Do Outreach.”

Steve Sjo

You Are Not Alone!

Though I’m sure there are plenty of times when you probably feel like you’re all alone, you are not. The concerns and issues you have with trying to reach people for Christ are not unique to you or your setting—and that’s good news!

A couple of days ago I asked you (and thousands of other people like you) to share with me the top two challenges you’re facing with doing outreach in your church … and I can’t believe the response!

Hundreds and hundreds of emails from people like you came FLOODING into my inbox.

(Note: If you haven’t written yours yet, I’d still love to hear from you!)

The one thing that was and is abundantly clear is that there are an awful lot of people, just like you, who want to see their community reached for Christ—but are FRUSTRATED because they’re facing difficult roadblocks in front of them.

However, the good news is that the roadblocks you’re facing are all pretty similar. In other words, while you might feel that the roadblocks you’re facing are unique to you and your situation, chances are they’re not. There are probably hundreds of other people, just like you, facing the same situation.

Which is why I’ve decided to develop a series of video responses to the most common challenges that people like you are facing when it comes to reaching their communities for Christ.

So keep checking this blog over the next few weeks. If you’d like to know when I complete each one, enter your name and email in the subscribe form in the upper right of this blog.

However, I have even better news than that. Over the next few weeks, I’m going to be unveiling a number of new and exciting opportunities that I’m confident you’re going to find incredibly helpful as you seek to reach more and more people for Christ in your community.

Wishing you outreach success,


P.S. Don’t forget, if you haven’t sent your response to last week’s question yet, send me an email and let me know the top two challenges you’re currently having with outreach… do it now. Make your voice heard!

Steve Sjo

What Are Your Top 2 Outreach Challenges?

You might have noticed that I talk about being outward-focused a lot – just look any of my blogs or books I’ve written!

The thing that you might not know about me is that when I first started out in ministry, I hadn’t the slightest idea on how to best share my faith with other people, and even more than that, I had no idea how to motivate the people in my church to share their faith. I tried just about every evangelism method that was out there, and had little success.

That all changed, of course, when God showed me how to show his love by serving people. If you have heard my story at all, you know that the church I started in Cincinnati pioneered what is known as servant evangelism. The unique feature of this church was that we literally gave up after two years of struggling to achieve ‘success’ and made a fateful decision – to give everything away! We even gave our building away! Numbers, attendance – such matrix factors no longer were focused upon. What counted was simply “How many can we serve, love, show generosity to?” It wasn’t long before scads of people were showing up.

Since the launch of the Vineyard Church in Cincinnati, I have seen a movement begin of churches and individuals changing their communities by showing God’s love in practical ways. Over the past 25 years of practicing servant evangelism, I have learned an incredible amount and developed significant resources along the way to help churches and individuals become outward focused. In fact, the last several years I have been pouring my life into church leaders across the country, leaders who desire their churches to be catalysts for change in their community by loving them into a relationship with God.

With all of the people asking me for help, I began working on a way for anyone to have access to all of my knowledge and resources on church outwardness without having to be involved in one-on-one coaching sessions.

For almost a year, I have been working on a website that will do just one thing – connect more people with the idea of becoming outward in their lives. Many people have been asking me when this will launch, people who are quite anxious to have access to these resources.

Well, the wait is ALMOST over! It looks like we are only a few short weeks away from releasing this new system that will drive more ideas your way for your local church outreach. On top of that, you will be able to access several other approaches to outreach that will be immediately applicable to your local situation.

But before I unleash this thing, I want to do one final check to make sure that this system really has everything that YOU need. So I have this one question for you…

What are the top two challenges you are having with outreach right now?

I really want to know… please take a minute to send me an email with your reply.

That’s all for now…

Wishing you outreach success,


P.S. I am dead serious about this – and I really DO value your feedback. I need to know your answer so I can make sure my web system is perfect… What are the top two challenges you are having with outreach right now? Please email me now