44 Hours and Counting…

We are less than 2 days away from the launch of ServeCoach.com – so if you want to join me in this powerful, outward-focused coaching venture… then you MUST do two things:

1) Visit ServeCoach.com Wednesday at 3 PM Eastern / 12 PM Pacific for the LIVE broadcast that I will be doing with Lance Ford from Shapevine.com. I will be sharing more about ServeCoach.com and what it entails, as well as answering a few last-minute questions before we go LIVE at 4 PM. If you are interested in ServeCoach.com, then I highly recommend you bookmark the site, put the date and time in your calendar, and join us at 3 PM.

2) Sign up for the ServeCoach.com email update list, because I am going to send something you DEFINITELY are going to want to see. It’s also going to include bonus updates and launch information that’s important.

That’s all for now… keep walking in the outflow!


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10 Responses to “44 Hours and Counting…”

  1. Ben Wardlaw Says:

    Mortar to Mission! Planting house churches! WOW! Mike, I am encouraged by the work of the Holy Spirit among the Jesus followers in your community. Praise the Lord!

  2. Mia Says:

    Joe,I know that God is listening to your heart. This past wekeend’s message was about the land between’. With Simeon waiting to see God’s salvation before he would be allowed to rest eternally. God may have told him this when he was a young man. So Simeon stayed faithful and focused on his daily work. Joe, I beleive you are in the land between’. God has a plan for you and maybe it is this building maybe not. The purpose for you is to follow God’s leading in filling the needs of the community no matter how that looks. So I am offering no answers except to say stay faithful and focused on the task God has given you in Collinsville.

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