Build-A-Coach: All Leaders Are Coaches

Leading is a state of mind, not a pay rate nor a designation on your business card.

Once you decide you are going to embrace the destiny you have been called to, the first step forward is to embrace your current reality.  In my years of coaching coaches, the most common mistake among the leaders of leaders that ultimately leads to their undoing is the thought that they must be someone they are not.

Nothing could be further from the truth!

Your heart may well cry out, “But I’m not ready to be a coach.  My life is a mess!  Just look at me.  No one would follow me or listen to me if they knew what what really going on in my life – if they could see the real me…”

To that I say, “You are catching on now!”

The real you – that’s exactly what we are going to give to them.

The first step toward coaching readiness is authenticity.
No one who coaches will make progress with a fake front.  Those around you are not easily faked out by any poker face you might try to put on at work, in life, in the office environment, etc.  People you work with are very astute.  After a month or two of working with us they have us pegged regarding the majority of our true values based on the way we respond to others, the way we spend our money but mostly the way we treat them in various situations.

There is something to be said for being wisely appropriate, being professional of course.
For example, in my organization, on business trips we make it a point to call one another “Mr.” whatever to remind ourselves that we are on our top professional behavior versus around our normal, casual behavior on the normal home front.

But in our organization we encourage one another to put no effort into playing a role with masks.  The word “hypocrisy” means literally “to wear a mask.”  The problem with wearing a mask is that this behavior is addictive.  It is form of complex lying.  It isn’t just one mask we wear, it is always many masks.  Once this falseness starts, the cycle spirals downward.  At any one time participants typically wear several masks.  People loose track of which mask they have worn with which person or group.

As leaders, if we are to be effective and to give away the gift that we can be to those we are influencing, we must be ourselves – 100% us!  That means, with wisdom and propriety, we live out our lives just as we are, just where we are, along side those we are influencing.

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