Committing To God’s Long View – Expert Interview with Doug Roe (SNEAK PEEK)

How do we commit to the long haul project God is working out through you? Pastor Doug Roe shares in depth many words of wisdom as he reflects on 20 years of reaching out in his city. Doug connects with the heart when he explains the vital importance of having a deep call from God.

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About Doug Roe

Doug Roe is the Founding Pastor of the Dayton Vineyard, “A pretty good church.” Doug planted the Vineyard 15 years ago. Doug’s passion is to reach broken, hurting people from all walks of life, restoring dignity and empowering people to do ministry. His life mission is “to leave Dayton better than I found it.” In Doug’s approach to ministry, he strives to be both spiritual and smart at the same time. With the help of some good friends, the Dayton Vineyard has grown from a few people to regular attendance of more than 3000 per week.

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  1. Rosie Says:

    Le dernier bilan fourni par le maire de la ville est particulièrement lourd
    : la fusillade a fait 50 morts et 53 blessés.

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