Communicating to Change Lives, Pt. 1

Communicating to Change Lives, Pt. I  
Any pastor or teacher who still calls himself / herself a “preacher” is either in love with the terminology of the past or simply doesn’t understand the fullness of the comprehensive call to connect with the culture around us the God so loves.  

We will primarily look at the matter of upgrading the speaking skill level of each of us in these sessions.  

Among other focus issues we will look at:

•    Capturing the Vision God has for your people in this season     

•    Converting that vision into a series / several series in order to strategically direct the people in the direction God is taking them through your teaching gift

•    Learning how to lean into your teaching gift / how to hone the teaching gift that is already in you – by walking in the right attitudes that allow God to move through you

•    Linking tools that will give you a leg up from where you are to the next step – no matter where you are  (the secrets many of the best known communicators in the US use you probably aren’t aware of and how they hit a “home run” every week)

•    How to grow in confidence / naturalness regardless of how many times you have spoken – one of the huge keys to speaking profoundly

•    Learning to pick up on the nuances that come along as you are speaking – while this has happened to most of us already, how can we learn to increase the best of what comes to us “on the fly” in combination with carefully prepared notes…

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9 Responses to “Communicating to Change Lives, Pt. 1”

  1. Ayoub Says:

    大家咪上當呀 這位在 明報 政治版工作的舊同學是應該熟識播道會恩福堂的 他/她可能是東方閃派的或是什麼異端派的 係基督徒一睇到這篇文章及文筆上就知道有好多嘢是不對的 EX:1. 梁燕城 散播 挪亞方舟已被考古學家發現 等謠 ..請問你慿什麼證明挪亞方舟是謠言呢 2. 教會內有三名會眾參與今屆立法會選舉 明白表示 我支持他們 叫會眾善用手上選票作為 王牌 選出 敬畏神 聖靈充滿 的基督徒做議員 三名參選會眾當中 唯一被蘇穎智具體講述其心路歷程 並譽為 有guts 的模範基督徒 是一個 因覺得與信仰有衝突 不願留任為同性戀者爭取權益之公職 的姊妹 I don’t see there is any problem here

  2. Alexey Says:

    YOU are someone so valalbue and special to me, Scott. I feel so blessed to have found you on the internet. I cannot begin to tell you the joy I have about reconnecting with YOU. I have such strong beliefs in your ability to touch human lives and pulling people closer to God. Remembering you, ALWAYS puts a smile on my face. You are deeply embedded in my heart and mind. God bless you and your family. Love, Ms. Reynolds, but now just Janice. I am Jannagae on Twitter. Please feel free to connect with me there as well. With much love, adoration, and respect for who you are and how God is using you to help others. As, Always.

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