Embracing Your Church’s Unique Focus

Embracing Your Church’s Unique Focus

In my extensive travels throughout the Church world over the past 20 years in the US and beyond, this Bride that I love, this lovely thing that Jesus says will endure throughout all of eternity, is nearly always unclear as to what her unique focus is in the local context.  

In Rev. 2 and 3 Jesus spoke to the churches of Asia Minor.  One thing stood out to all of the churches focused upon – each had a clear and distinct, unique reason for being they had been called to carry out.  As leaders it is incumbent upon us to hunger and thirst and do whatever it takes to discover our seminal focus in God’s kingdom.  

Lots of practical tools will be looked at, dug into, shared and given to you as a leader that you can pass on to your leaders in turn to use in further digging into your team’s focus.   

Among other focus issues we will look at:

•    Defining your church’s unique calling to this time, this place, this people, this city

•    Tools for identifying your church’s unique spiritual history – that has a tremendous bearing on where you are headed in the spiritual realm

•    Tools for identifying your church’s unique people history – to gain an understanding of what has taken place among people – some things that may need to be addressed / set straight in order to go forward with full enthusiasm / strength

•    Hearing from God – his unique, distinct, clear and exciting invitations to bring change to your city, your people and to usher in the newness of life that comes with the kingdom of God going forward in your church.  

•    What to expect when the kingdom of God is at work in our midst in a strong way – the new realities that indeed will happen as we simply hear God’s invitations and reply with a “yes” as we go forward.  

•    How to negotiate the new realities with our leadership team / staff without losing our minds… or our friendships as intensity increases. 

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