How to Get Servant Evangelism Started In Your Church

Based on the hundreds of email responses I received, a large number of you are having difficulty getting servant evangelism going.  If you are wondering how to get servant evangelism started at your church, I think you will find this video very helpful:

I will be posting a few more videos this week, so stay tuned for my email updates about those.

Please leave a comment and let me know if you’ve found this helpful.

Keep walking in the outflow!


P.S. Look for the Dino Rizzo interview online tomorrow… it’s packed full of inspiration!

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17 Responses to “How to Get Servant Evangelism Started In Your Church”

  1. Dan Spahr Says:


    This short video is very helpful. Keeping everyone on track is not easy. Dan Spahr

  2. Bob Dozier Says:

    Again GREAT STUFF. Start with God, commit to 6 month, small things done with great love, see what works and do more of that. You don’t get much more practical than that. Again, thanks for the encouragement.

  3. Anton Kern Says:

    Great concept! Short video clips help busy pastors get the main points while stimulating their thinking as to how Servant Evangelism can work best in their context. Traditional methods of learning would rewuire reading a book or attending a seminar followed by developing a full blown plan upon completition. The video allows the information and plan to be processed simutaneously. Many thanks.

  4. Marvin Overstreet Says:

    TY, This is my first time at Coach Serve I will pass this on to my Pastor Thanks again

  5. Rhonda Riles Says:

    Thanks Steve for the video,

    I attended an SE Conference when you were at Cincy Vineyard. Came back to my church fired up, shared a power point presentation with some of the key church folks and really tried to ready, fire aim! Serving like this was way too foreign to our church culture and it quickly dwindled down to the work of a few and I got discouraged. So, I really appreciate the 6 month commitment challenge that you made on this video. I’m motivated to fire and aim again – this time with a 6 month plan.
    Thanks and keep the videos coming!





  7. Deborah Kiblinger Says:

    I love doing SE. It’s my idea of a good time. Doing small things with great love takes the performance pressure off and allows God to plant seeds and build bridges. I love it’s simplicity and practicality. Thanks Steve for your commitment to share what you’ve learned over the years. Keep it coming.

  8. Christine Trickey Says:

    This was lots of good information in a very short amount of time. Thank You! A few things that spoke to me: ask God to show us His creativity, small things – great love, try diverse things – don’t hold on to things that don’t seem to work, commit to 6 months. This was encouraging.

  9. Kathleen Johnson Says:

    I believe SE is contagious and in a 6-month commitment God can make great things happen. My church has been actively involved in SE since 2003 and I have been the coordinator since 2005. In 2007 I stepped out in faith based on a burden God put in my heart for families living in transitional housing areas not knowing if it would be successful but knew God was leading me. And here we are in 2009 and my church blesses 8 transitional families each month with practical household items consistently without fail. As a result these families are now serving our community – none of them attend our church – but since the outreach has started most of the families attend a church near the housing facility and all of them are giving back to the community in some form – some volunteer at the local food bank, others at one of our thrift stores, and others do yard work for the city to name a few. I am challenging my team again this summer by offering BBQs to some of our low-income housing areas. All God needs is a willing servant to listen and answer His call. He will open doors and lead the way we just have to be available!

  10. elaine Montenegro Says:

    Thank you very much for that video! It will be a great help in our church. My husband and I are very excited to share this in our church. We are praying for ways on how we can strengthen our need-meeting evangelism in the church and this is the answer! Servant Evangelism is very practical and it will cost us less. By the way I am a Filipino. I want to learn more about this strategy. I will be keeping in track of your next videos. May God be blessed by you and your ministry.

  11. Ian Says:

    My First Mission trip to Haiti was a great success! God stterad so many new things in me through this trip. I had a good time working in the dirt with our church construction project. I really enjoyed working and playing with the kids. They all touch me deeply and a few of them I will never be able to forget. The best part for me was the evanglisim. God stretch me in so many ways. Special thanks to Micheal and Andera for there vision and courage to do what God has set in place for them. Thanks agian Micheal for the time you spent encouraging a new Pastor. Special thanks to Wendell for a new friend the many challenges he through out there during the trip. ReachHaiti truly has there focus in the right place. God, family, and church. If you are thinking of becoming a part of a mission team or a financial parter, what are you waiting for? God is moving in this place. Charles HerrellYouth PastorJoshua 24:15

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