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You get access to an extensive project idea library, live monthly coaching sessions, expert interviews, hundreds of “how to” articles, a download library with timelines for how to plan outreach events and outreach prep checklists, outward-focused sermons, discussion forums, plus much more!

It’s the best $1 you could spend today:

Join our global tribe of Christians who have caught the vision of serving and loving their communities into a relationship with Jesus.

Steve Sjogren
Lead Coach

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  2. Katrina Says:

    My First Mission trip to Haiti was a great success! God seattrd so many new things in me through this trip. I had a good time working in the dirt with our church construction project. I really enjoyed working and playing with the kids. They all touch me deeply and a few of them I will never be able to forget. The best part for me was the evanglisim. God stretch me in so many ways. Special thanks to Micheal and Andera for there vision and courage to do what God has set in place for them. Thanks agian Micheal for the time you spent encouraging a new Pastor. Special thanks to Wendell for a new friend the many challenges he through out there during the trip. ReachHaiti truly has there focus in the right place. God, family, and church. If you are thinking of becoming a part of a mission team or a financial parter, what are you waiting for? God is moving in this place. Charles HerrellYouth PastorJoshua 24:15

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