The Dino Rizzo Interview

***UPDATED with a smaller video file and audio download***

I had the opportunity to talk with Dino Rizzo recently and had a great conversation about servant evangelism, the Healing Place Church, and Dino’s new book Servolution. Have a look (our conversation lasts around 40 minutes or so):

Here is the audio of the interview if you’d like to listen to or download it (90 MB file):

dino rizzoAbout Dino Rizzo:

Dino and his wife DeLynn started Healing Place Church in 1993 with the single focus of being a healing place for a hurting world. Starting with just twelve, it has now grown to over 7,000 people gathering every weekend in 18 services in 11 locations from Baton Rouge, Louisiana to Maputo, Mozambique.

For two consecutive years, Healing Place Church has been listed as one of America’s Top 25 Most Innovative Churches. That innovative drive is expressed in a passion to serve the poor and hurting wherever they are, and with whatever it takes. Every week, hundreds of volunteers serve in outreaches, cooking hot breakfasts for the homeless, helping ex prisoners re-enter society, caring for AIDS orphans, giving roses to ladies working at local strip clubs, and reaching the poor through free medical and dental clinics.

Dino Rizzo also co-founded the Association of Related Churches, a group that on average plants one new church every 12 days. He is a strong believer in the irreplaceable value of the local church, in the USA and across the globe. He also believes that as believers we can do more when we are together, leveraging each other’s strengths to build the Kingdom. As a result, some of his greatest assets are deep relationships with others.

And there are no relationships that matter more to him than those he shares with his wife DeLynn and their three children.

Dino’s book Servolution is now available! Visit the Servolution website for more information.

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19 Responses to “The Dino Rizzo Interview”

  1. Jeff Says:

    I really enjoyed the interview. It was a great encouragement to get back to a way of thinking that has been relegated to the back burner because of other things going on. The things that hit home with me were to be consistently & purposefully thinking about ways to help people and the idea that serving is not an event but a culture. Thank you!

  2. gerard zubrowski Says:

    it’s really great to see small things done in love, turn out out great. i sometimes get frustrated at things and want to just stop and become self focused, then God shows up and re directs me. steve, i remember sitting in a small group at s.o.s. and you telling the penny story. that story always breaks through when i get bummed out about direction. these videos do the same thing for me and gives hope that when we serve God and others, God brings forth the fruit. maybe you can record the penny story for the video. thanks you are a true leader, guide and insperation to a world who has lost it’s mind. dino keep plugging away at Gods work.

  3. Jesse Miller Says:

    Thanks so much for this encouraging interview. I’m a youth pastor who is called to start a serving church, and it is great to hear an interview with Pastor Steve (I’m a former Cincy Vineyard member), and Pastor Rizzo, who was also a youth pastor who started his church on a Wednesday night! (Since that’s youth night, it was only logical!) These are great tips, and great ideas, and you continually give me and my wife inspiration for when we start our church. Thanks so much!


  4. Ted Goupil Says:

    Rizzo interview was promising, but spent too much time with Dino telling how great things are. He tossed out a few ideas, but he probably had dozens of others. wish he would have spent more time telling what his people did, specifically.

  5. Henry Miller Says:

    “No Strings Attached” Why can’t more churches take this attitude? All too often churches help people with the express purpose of softening them up so that they will be more receptive to the church’s message – rather than just helping that person because the need is present. There is no mention of the Good Samaritan “preaching the gospel.” Many people have turned against Christianity and organized religion just because of this manipulative attitude of some of the saints.

  6. Ken Glassmeyer Says:


    That is one cool guy–excellent job.

    I like the tithing your time and energy as much as your money–you can’t lead others or write or talk about this stuff if you are not, as a discipline setting aside a set amount of time every week where you sling ice or otherwise are elbow deep serving someone–it keeps your head right. . .I think there is an article in that.

    I remember I used to drive the staff nuts when I said that decades ago–get away from all this stuff on the campus and get your butts out there and serve somebody you don’t know.

    Old memories. . .I remember when you and I would get in that old white Nissan and go out and freelance and find somebody to serve on random afternoons–even in the hustle and bustle of an exploding church.

    Good gut check. . .


  7. Tim Hamm Says:

    fabulous interview, makes me want to go out this afternoon and serve…I am having my staff read and put into practice…Conspiracy of Kindness…..thanks for your continued leadership and vision

  8. Kaitaba Says:

    I liked reading your blog…keep up the good work.

  9. Katrina Says:

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