The E2 Evangelism Experience – Expert Interview with Dave Workman SNEAK PEEK

We join Pastor Dave Workman as he shares with us the power and excitement of “E2” – here we get into the notion that evangelism is an easy matter at some points but it is a complicated one on other counts. We need to come to see the notion of evangelism as something that can be learned from each time we go out to engage the community. God desires to specifically lead us along the lines of what we are up to in terms of getting a spiritual plan going.

Imagine you get with your team, you pray for specific guidance, then when you are able to discern the direction God is providing you can be led out in an especially effective way.

He illustrates this approach to sharing God’s love with lots of stories that convey the excitement we can get from being led by God’s Spirit.

Along with the message we come to share there is the question of how do we best convey that notion of God’s love. God has a lot to say about that. With E2 we are getting involved in an adventure that takes us out into the highways and byways of life – E2 shows us that we can relax and allow God to direct our paths as we get involved in the lives of others. We are going to learn a lot about how to hear from God in the context of the evangelism conveying of things. God can lead us to the right place, the right time, the right setting. He has much to say about that if we are listening. E2 is an approach to doing evangelism that allows us to hear of God’s plan to connect with people we are out there to love.

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About Dave Workman

Dave Workman is senior pastor of Vineyard Community Church in Cincinnati, Ohio, a church of over 6,000 weekend attendees. Starting in 1985, the Vineyard pioneered a unique form of outreach called servant evangelism. Workman is considered an atmosphere architect in the evolution of the church. After leading worship for twelve years and developing celebration/programming teams for eight weekly celebrations, he began regularly teaching as a primary speaker. In 2000, Dave stepped into the role of senior pastor. He and his wife, Anita, live in Mason, Ohio, and have two grown children.

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3 Responses to “The E2 Evangelism Experience – Expert Interview with Dave Workman SNEAK PEEK”

  1. Valerie Says:

    Fun to see you interview Dave in this format! Very cool to hear about this at VCC. Hoping for more to come. Will keep my eyes and ears open. Was sold on prophetic evangelism after some teachings by Patricia King as well as some things I witnessed on the streets of downtown Cinti. This certainly stirs things up a bit again :-)

    Just an aside. I was hoping for some equipping and encouragement through servecoach some time ago, but had some kind of crazy cookie- firewall conflict . Couldn’t access many things on the site. Hoping for favor and help at home here to try again sometime. God bless you and yours.

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