Turning Your Church Inside Out

Learning to Walk in the Outflow

Outflow Pastor's KitTruth be told, all in ministry began with a vision for outwardness – with an ideal that people’s lives would be changed, healed, even revolutionized.  

Somewhere along the way, many of us have given us in frustration with this ideal concluding that this goal was too lofty or simply “too much for me” or perhaps “not meant for me” and therefore settling for a maintenance role in God’s kingdom.  
The reality is being a change agent in God’s kingdom is not as difficult a thing as we have perhaps made it to be in our minds.  
With a few adjustments to our current leadership style, with a few approach alterations that are highly doable with nearly all of our current gift mixes – we can likely all be used of God to lead our churches outwardly.  
We need practical steps, stories of transformation, tools, tips and opportunities to seek counsel.  Here is where that happens… among those who have turned inside out already.   

Today in the US, close to 99% of churches are either plateaued or are experiencing a decline in numbers.  Why is this the case?  Certainly the situation is not a simple one to analyze nor to adjust, but one thing is clear to anyone who is simply taking a “drive by” glance at the American church – we have built a “dug in” – “maintenance” mentality into our mindset of how church life is conducted.  Near the top of what needs to change is moving our aim away from us / inwardness and toward them / and outwardness.  

Among other focus issues we will look at:  

•    How to build a heart toward outsiders

•    How to hear God’s voice as he invites us take small risks / investments in showing love to not-yet believers (“See a need and meet it; feel a hurt and heal it!” – CoastlandTampa Church motto)  

•    How to systematically build a team that will join together in becoming outwardly focused

•    How to communicate through series (numerous series – strategically presented over a stretch of time) that will help “birth” a local church into outwardness without losing a high percentage of your people…

•    How to birth the vision of God that he has given to you for this unique place at this unique time for this unique people – as you serve your way forward – not merely taking a cookie cutter approach toward leadership / serving, but truly getting a strong sense of leadership and the conviction that God has led / spoken so there is a sense of strength behind your actions / words. 

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  1. Edoyy Says:

    I notice so much more tgconolhey related distractions after taking this class it is ridiculous! In Alone Together the theme is that we can all be in the same area together but all be in our own separate online worlds. The vanishing family trick is similar to this expect that now even before everyone has a chance to scatter to their own areas they plug in right there together. This weekend I was at a friends house and we were all sitting around talking getting ready to watch a movie and conversations started going their separate ways and then I heard my friend Morgan say (very sarcastically), Oh let me get out my iPhone I look over and a whole couch of people were sitting there in complete silence starting at their iPhones.I have never heard that a distraction requires so much recovery time and I think it is very true and explains a lot. I often feel like when I get distracted it takes me so much longer to refocus and get back on track. I also think that the distractions related to tgconolhey impact me more than just someone coming and personally asking me a question or a noise outside. I wonder if that is because we are that much more sensitive to it or what?The part about tgconolhey doesn’t make us busy until we make it make us busy is something that I am probably guilty of. I always use the excuse, Well I had to check my email or I had to look at blackboard first and these things make me feel and look busy but in reality there was no depth or fruit from doing either one of those things unless I has to find something specific. I think these two tools as a student also serve as a distraction most of the time.I was wondering though, why is this book called Hamlet’s Blackberry anyway?

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