Walking Out Your Unique Focus as a Leader

Walking Out Your Unique Focus as a Leader
Each of us has a one of a kind focus that we have to contribute that only we can give away out of all of the inhabitants of Planet Earth.  We are unique creations in Christ.  If snowflakes are unique, then surely we are all the more unique as Jesus’ Spirit fills us and calls us to do his bidding in the world.  
The challenge is this:  How do we walk out that seminal focus that we can give away?  
One thing is certain…  We will never be fully satisfied, fulfilled until we walk out our unique calling.  First that uniqueness must be discovered.  The good news is that discovery process is not as complicated as one might think.  
In the course of my personal struggle over the past several years since my devastating
medical accident I have been forced to simplify my personal focus – to say “Yes” to what I am for and to say “No” to what I am not for.  Join me in this exciting coaching opportunity!  

Among other focus issues we will look at:

•    Looking closely at your leadership history

•    Gaining a clear view of your calling based on where you first started / first were called

•    Learning to get a “clutter free” perspective of what God is speaking / has spoken to you regarding your unique, one-of-a-kind focus

•    Learning to slow down your inner metronome to the point that you can pick up on the signals coming your way in order to hear the invitations that have come / are coming your way to stand out as a distinct leader

•    Picking up on the distinctives you have been made for / called to that no one else can do

•    Building a leadership strategy that will allow you to begin to walk out your unique gifting / calling that will ultimately allow you to get to what we call “Living the 90% Life…” (spending 90% of your time doing only what you are made for – walking free from doing the frustrating things you have not been made for…)  

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