What Are Your Top 2 Outreach Challenges?

You might have noticed that I talk about being outward-focused a lot – just look any of my blogs or books I’ve written!

The thing that you might not know about me is that when I first started out in ministry, I hadn’t the slightest idea on how to best share my faith with other people, and even more than that, I had no idea how to motivate the people in my church to share their faith. I tried just about every evangelism method that was out there, and had little success.

That all changed, of course, when God showed me how to show his love by serving people. If you have heard my story at all, you know that the church I started in Cincinnati pioneered what is known as servant evangelism. The unique feature of this church was that we literally gave up after two years of struggling to achieve ‘success’ and made a fateful decision – to give everything away! We even gave our building away! Numbers, attendance – such matrix factors no longer were focused upon. What counted was simply “How many can we serve, love, show generosity to?” It wasn’t long before scads of people were showing up.

Since the launch of the Vineyard Church in Cincinnati, I have seen a movement begin of churches and individuals changing their communities by showing God’s love in practical ways. Over the past 25 years of practicing servant evangelism, I have learned an incredible amount and developed significant resources along the way to help churches and individuals become outward focused. In fact, the last several years I have been pouring my life into church leaders across the country, leaders who desire their churches to be catalysts for change in their community by loving them into a relationship with God.

With all of the people asking me for help, I began working on a way for anyone to have access to all of my knowledge and resources on church outwardness without having to be involved in one-on-one coaching sessions.

For almost a year, I have been working on a website that will do just one thing – connect more people with the idea of becoming outward in their lives. Many people have been asking me when this will launch, people who are quite anxious to have access to these resources.

Well, the wait is ALMOST over! It looks like we are only a few short weeks away from releasing this new system that will drive more ideas your way for your local church outreach. On top of that, you will be able to access several other approaches to outreach that will be immediately applicable to your local situation.

But before I unleash this thing, I want to do one final check to make sure that this system really has everything that YOU need. So I have this one question for you…

What are the top two challenges you are having with outreach right now?

I really want to know… please take a minute to send me an email with your reply.

That’s all for now…

Wishing you outreach success,


P.S. I am dead serious about this – and I really DO value your feedback. I need to know your answer so I can make sure my web system is perfect… What are the top two challenges you are having with outreach right now? Please email me now

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4 Responses to “What Are Your Top 2 Outreach Challenges?”

  1. Bill Says:

    I think a challenge that has over written SE is the need to feel like you are the first one doing it or the desire to own something. For instance, church A passes out waters, but church B won’t because church A did.

    Second challenge, many churches view it as a marketing ploy rather than an extension of the heart from a natural outpouring of the spirit. That’s a spiritual issue more than anything else. Often times someone has a need people refer them to the church to pass the buck rather than seeing a need, feeling the need and meeting the need because the Holy Spirit drives them to.

  2. Rick Says:

    Hey Steve
    I´m new to your blog I´ve gotten to a place in ministry of pure frustration. I am a missionary in Chiapas, Mexico. Over the years we (my wife Crystal and I) have planted churches then release them to local pastors, at the moment we are teaching all over the state in different churches, most churches are just religious, pastors power hungry. I want to start over with fresh vision the old is burning me out. I desire to start a new church. With new Christian that we reach and disciple. Serving the community to reach them but if so we will start alone the church system around us and some pastors are so controlling that anything we want to start they would want to control it. I want to go back to the simple truth of the gospel to love and service. I´m not sure what you are about to release but I am look for wisdom in starting a new church.

  3. Linda Wurzbacher Says:

    Hi Steve!
    One of my biggest challenges is in getting other area churches to work together on reaching the community for Christ. I’ve tried more than a few times to work together with them on doing some outreach so we can pool resources and have always ended up feeling frustrated. I think the bottom line is they are just too afraid.

    The other biggest challenge I’d say is to simply, adequately communicate the vision, to motivate the people in our church to have an outward focus. Many people do not understand why the church should grow or they don’t see it as their job to be a part of outreach.

    My 2 cents……


  4. Joe Connick Says:

    Good Morning Steve,
    The first challenge would be your purpose, is it humanitarianism or altruism?
    The second challenge does their needs effect you as much as it does them?

    Peace and Love,
    Joe Connick

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