Starting Off Right — Church Planting Smarts

Starting Off Right – Church Planting Smarts
    …a strategy for launching that hasn’t failed yet

Currently approximately 80% of all church start ups fail within a 3 to 5 year time frame.  To add to that statistic, what is defined as “success” is set as such a low mark (100 in total attendance on a good weekend – counting adults and children) – I suspect many reading this would like to see more momentum than simply that after such an enormous amount of input as is required in a church plant.  

After planting four churches personally and directly coaching over 50 churches with just 3 failures from that group, our strategy obviously is doing some things differently than the typical planting approach.  

It is no surprise that at its root, much of what we will look at are building skills and perspectives that balance an inward and outwardness on the teeter-totter of church life.  Very few church planters have in-born skills that are anywhere close to what is needed to gather a group of people who will eventually comprise the church they aspire to see.  Without significant coaching church planters are destined to become teachers who:  
– gather already believers from other churches (not from outside the Church world), OR
– gather already believers who are patrons of the “smorgasbord” of fine dining of the church world – church aficionados with an acquired taste for a particular kind of church that appeals to them, and will serve them.  Unfortunately, much of what was billed as part of he church planting movement has degenerated to this form of “church” in lieu of a redemptive model the Great Commission Jesus spoke clearly of.  
IMPORTANT NOTE:  Each of these coaching sessions will be conducted from the angle / assumption that the church planter / team in question desires to build a church that will ultimately reach the city / culture at large, NOT simply move people from Church A to Church B, which is what is going on in the vast majority of church plants currently when accurate stats are laid out.  
These sessions will be presented based on our experience which has been to connect with a high percentage of not-yet believing people as well as some percentage of already believing people.  Everyone claims to reach the not-yet believers, but in reality few are producing results.  
Our story tells how to do the above.  

Among other focus issues we will look at:

•    Looking each session at super practical issues that every church planter – no matter what point you are at – at the pre-planting / planning stage, or midway into things (1 or 2 years into things), or perhaps you are a church planting coach…  The emphasis here will be placed upon practical tools for planters who are carrying out the task of putting a new outward focused church into orbit.  

•    How to connect with your city without falling into the trap of becoming an “Either-Or” church (“We have to decide to be EITHER a church for not-yet believers OR a church for the committed, deep veteran believers…”  There is a third way that we have built that works wonderfully that attracts both groups powerfully.)  

•    How to prioritize your limited time as a planter.  

•    Learn how to transition from phase to phase depending on where you are, where you are going in your plant.  

•    Learn how to think strategically with your plant.  

•    Learn now to think as a team person, not a “Lone Ranger” (Lone Ranger planters are small, and stay small forever – teams grow but one must learn essential team leading skills along the way)

•    Learn how to recruit a team based on your strengths / weaknesses as the “Lead Goose”  

•    Learn how to see beyond what is now toward what is coming / based on the plan God has given you / is giving you and you are faithfully carrying out…

•    Learn to operate in daily / weekly profoundness and avoid mere cuteness or cleverness

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