Are You Excited As We Are?

We are so excited about all that is going on at ServeCoach we are nearly splitting into twins around here!

Great things are in the making with all that we are up to. By now you have hopefully had a chance to look around the site a bit and have become familiar with what we have designed for you. We are adding new aspects and features to the site each week as you can see.

For example, we just activated the Messages aspect to the site. You can now listen in on a number of the outward focused messages that have found their way into the galleys of our site. There you can study what messages given on a weekly basis can sound like when a leader is steering his church in an outward direction. I agree with Rick Warren when he says the commentaries of today are the weekend messages of other pastors. There is nothing like a rousing message given by a pastor in a live setting – you can hear how it “preached” – how it was received in a live setting with real live response not too long ago with a crowd that is not too different than yours.

If you are curious about the monthly Interviews With An Expert, we just posted the schedule for the next 3 months of interviews that I will be doing. I have to tell you, I cannot wait to talk to these leaders in ministry! I know that I will gain new insights and ideas when I talk with them, and I hope that you do as well when you watch the interviews.

We have also added our Weekly Tips section.  I recommend you share this feature to friends and associates you are connected with in ministry by encouraging them to sign up for the tips at the home page of ServeCoach. These tips are helpful at various levels in ministry and life in general. You will find them to be little “gifts” you might like to impart to those around you as you move forward in life and ministry at the speed of life.

We will be connecting the dots on these features and many others that are coming online with ServeCoach in the not too distant future.

I hope you are enjoying the life-giving nature of this as much as I am enjoying seeing the life of God flow through to you and others on the receiving end of things! God is on the move as people are outflowing the life of God.

Keep Walking in the Outflow!

Steve Sjogren
Lead Coach

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  1. u4fifa twitter Says:

    What if I had the guts to quit my job.

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