Cohorts Forming

Cohorts Forming for Church Leadership Coaching Sessions through
I have been coaching for a number of years now, but I have never been as excited as I am right now about the current group coaching sessions we are putting together. The target of these sessions is church leaders that want to make positive changes in 2009.

Here are the topics we are offering:

Outflow Pastor's KitTurning your church inside out — Learning to Walk in the Outflow™: Each participant will receive an Outflow Pastor’s Kit which will serve as a guideline for the monthly coach session. (Three Sessions — Mar-May 2009).

Starting Off Right — Church Planting Smarts:…a strategy for launching that hasn’t failed yet. (Three Sessions — Mar-May 2009).

Walking out your unique focus as a Leader: Each of us has a one of a kind focus that we have to contribute that only we can give away out of all of the inhabitants of Planet Earth. Discover yours and learn to walk in it. (Three Sessions — Mar-May 2009).

Embracing Your Church’s Unique Focus: Clarifying your church’s unique focus in the local context. (Three Sessions — Mar-May 2009).

The Essential “Stay Alive” and “Expand” Skill — Networking: Whether you are a new church plant, mid-way into the process of reaching your community or your story is long established, your group (or you personally) are only as effective as your capacity to connect with those around you.(Three Sessions — Mar-May 2009).

Communicating to Change Lives, Pt. I: Any pastor or teacher who still calls himself / herself a “preacher” is either in love with the terminology of the past or simply doesn’t understand the fullness of the comprehensive call to connect with the culture around us that God so loves. (Three Sessions — Mar-May 2009).

Cohorts are forming. First sessions will be the second week of March. Sign up now through If you need further information or have questions, email me at One of my staff will respond right away. I look forward to connecting with each one of you in an upcoming coaching session.

Steve Sjogren
January, 2009

Sessions are subject  to minimum participation. Coaching participants should have access to a personal computer and Skype.

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  1. Gladys Says:

    Nicole you are awesome at wdindegs! These totally rock! Great processing, color and you captured so many different emotions and special times at this wedding! Your bride and groom were lucky to have you!

  2. Denilsion Says:

    LOVE this! I totally love how you threw qtuoes in there. I love how its barely edgy for a seemly edgy couple..the style all seems to mesh perfectly! Great pictures!

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