What’s Coming May 6th

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13 Responses to “What’s Coming May 6th”

  1. ChurchPlanting.com » Do You Know What’s Coming May 6th? Says:

    […] I wanted to let you know why I’m asking you to do that. Go watch this video right now:   What’s Coming May 6th   I’ll also be sitting down soon with Mike Slaughter, pastor of Ginghamsburg Church in […]

  2. grant Davis Says:

    I am looking forward to utilizing your experience and resources. I am a planter who has yet to plow his fields, but I know my area nad calling. I hope this resource will steer me clear of many mistakes I might make on my own.

  3. todd watson Says:

    Ive recently taken over the outreach and evangelistic departments at our church. Im very excited and focused on this serventevangelist method that your showing me. My biggest delima is getting other people on board. Our younger teens seem to be more into this area then the middle aged to elderly. What kind of ideas would you give to me? Thanks Pastor Todd Watson

  4. dave ruckman Says:

    Steve, thanks for everything you are doing. I am planting a network of house churches in our area and am convinced that we need to repaint the picture of Jesus that so many have in their minds. I want people to see the love of Jesus reflected in his Church. It’s amazing to watch people respond to his love and to being served (with no strings).
    Your websites, books and emails are great! Thanks for all you are doing!
    Blessings, Dave

  5. Mike Coons Says:

    Bless and be blessed. Matthew’s Parties. Partnering with neighborhoods, businesses, and apartment complexes. Cool ground effects lighting on an old school bus filled with bags of groceries. Squeegees and free cokes. Sparkling bar toilets. I still have a Vineyard Christian Fellowship matchbook somewhere. Gift wrapping. Great blessings indeed. I even remember Rice Brooks suggesting your servant evangelism creativity had no limits (though I’ll not offer his specifics in this posting). I’m on board to serve Xenia. Thanks Steve! Grace and Peace. Mike

  6. North Carolina Pastor Says:

    Steve: I’m one of the vets. After 31 years of ministry (all but 6 yrs as a local pastor), I feel like I’m learning all over again. After serving a fairly large church some years ago, I now pastor a small church (100) and nothing that worked, works to bring people in. That’s when I found your ministry. This is my last “hur-rah!” so to speak, I’m not looking to pastor another congregation. I want to reach my community. Further, our church feels we are called to be a large congregation. Discovering your ministry and coaching site was a God-thing in my life. Can’t wait ’til May 6! Thanks so much!!!!!!!!!!!!

  7. Val Says:

    Sounds like great stuff is coming! I work with a group of woman who vary greatly in their journeys- everything from a firey charismatic, those with catholic or unchurched backgrounds, to WICCA/occult. They are a great bunch and I’m seeing more hunger for truth in theses troubled times. This is my community outside church walls that I hope to reach for Jesus. Looking forward to the video and hope you can post it to be viewed at a later time also. Peace to you.

  8. Rhonda Riles Says:

    Please help! I cannot view any of the videos. What do I need to download to view them?

  9. Judy Sharp Says:

    It would be nice to have this in written form. My computer will not open the video.

  10. Tom Says:

    You will need to have the latest version of Adobe Flash installed. You can download that at http://www.adobe.com

  11. Pastor Frank Cuozzo Says:

    Dear Steve:
    Sounds very exciting! Thank you for sharing your experiences with us as Pastors. Sometimes we get “stuck” in the same old rut and we need someone or something to wake us up or lift us out of the rut. I am looking forward to May 6th and using all of the resources that will help me and my congregation become more outward focused. Great Stuff! Keep up the good work. God bless.
    In Christ,
    Pastor Frank Cuozzo

  12. Teddy Awad Says:

    I really enjoy everything about servant evangelism! The thing I most love is that I can live the message of the Gospel by serving my way into peoples lives. I can live the gospel now in relevant and practical kindness through all of the coaching and learning that i have had through these resources already and look forward to the launch. I love servant evangelism because most importantly it can become my lifestyle of living and not just something I do on a saturday which used to be my outreach day. Now everyday is my outreach day and I have so much fun interacting with people who do not know God. They are really touched when I just love them and care about them. Then it always comes tot he surface the reason of the kindness in my life that i am showing and instead of rushing people across the line to get saved like i used to do with bible tracks, because I have served them they let me journey with them and walk them to through life with the person of Christ. Most of them have remained involved with my life instead of just giving a profession and disappearing. disappearing into the world again. Thanks for making an indelible impact in my life .

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