Creating God Space – Doug Pollock Expert Interview (SNEAK PEEK)

Suffering from “evangiphobia?” Been turned off by evangelistic methods in the past? Trying to figure out how to start spiritual conversations with your friends, co-workers, and family members without turning them off? … then maybe it’s time to learn how to create some “God Space”! Doug Pollock, author of “God Space”, and co-author of the award winning book, “Irresistible Evangelism” will be serving as our guide in this interview to help us cross the us / them divide.

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Doug PollockAbout Doug Pollock

Doug’s passion for spiritual conversations has taken him to 36 different countries, six of our seven continents, and throughout most of the United States. Doug is committed to helping Christ followers increase the quality and quantity of their spiritual conversations in natural, doable, and practical ways. He is convinced that the church must leave the building on Sunday equipped to engage the culture with conversations that create plausibility for the Christian faith in the Monday through Saturday world.

You can find out more information about Doug at this website:

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2 Responses to “Creating God Space – Doug Pollock Expert Interview (SNEAK PEEK)”

  1. Johnwesley Says:

    Dear brother Doug Pollock, Thank you so much for your kind response on the basis of Steve’s request. I thank God for your ministry which is so appreciated in the Lord’s sight. I think this is God’s plan to give the fellowship with you to spread the gospel and to serve the needy people in our places. I would be faithful to God as well as your ministry to do the great things for Christ. I want to hear the information from you very shortly. Another I want to share with you that I invite you to visit my place to have a fellowship also to share the gospel with us. AMEN.

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